Tiptops Offers In-House Digitizing For A Quick Turnaround

When you are looking for custom embroidery in Eustis, Florida then look no further than our embroidery experts at Tiptops. Embroidery designs are a necessity for any business or organization uniforms. If you are looking for a permanent and long-lasting design for your customized uniforms then embroidery is the right choice. At Tiptops, we have the top of the line Baruden equipment. By having numerous, multiple-head machines, we are able to produce high quality and durable embroidery work.

While most companies outsource their digitizing process overseas, at Tiptops we don’t cut any corners. We use in-house digitizing to complete your orders. This gives us flexibility with your order as well as a quick turnaround time so you can have your embroidered items as soon as possible. Our experts at Tiptops have worked very hard to learn how to create the appropriate threat stitch, and digitized design that works best on the garment that it is being applied to. Your complete satisfaction is extremely important to us and we do our best to make sure your embroidered items come out looking exactly as you planned.

So when you are looking to have custom items embroidered then call us at Tiptops to see how well can help you create your custom orders today.



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