Promotional Items That Appeal To All Ages

When your company decides to participate in a fundraiser then you will need Florida promotional products from Tip Tops! It can be easy to choose the traditional promotional items when you begin planning your marketing strategy for the fundraiser, but at Tip Tops we like to think outside the box!

Many fundraisers can involve raising money for children or inviting children to participate in a local event, either way if you have Bean Bag Buddies, watercolor paint sets, or chocolate bars then you’ll be sure to interest the children. If you can catch the attention of the kids, then the parents will be sure to notice your company and appreciate that you thought of their little ones.

Our Bean Bag Buddies are small stuffed animals have an overall size of 7,” but are only 6″ when sitting. Their embroidered eyes give them a friendly gaze, and make these bean bag plush toys great for office and home use! Available in fourteen different animals, these toys come with t-shirts with a silkscreen of your company’s logo or special message.”

When you’re trying to appeal to an older crowd then consider every day items that people use, such as tote bags, emery boards, or even flashlights. These types of items people always find uses for so your company name will be seen over and over.  Tote bags are great for carrying in the groceries so people will get great use out of these promotional items. Emery boards may not seem like a traditional promotional item but any woman can tell you that these are hard to keep track of so you can never have enough around the house! When you need promotional items for a fundraiser or marketing campaign then give our team at Tip Tops a call so we can get started on creating memorable items for your company.


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