Tip Tops Announces No Cost Web-Store Links

At Tip Tops we are very excited to announce that we are offering web-store links to both existing and potential clients. Our web-store links to our customer’s existing website at no cost.

Web-store links allow Tip Tops to provide our customer’s shoppers with the ability to select a product such as a t-shirt, polo, hat, or sweater and choose the specific logo they would like embroidered onto the product. This is the perfect solution for organizations like The Antique and Classic Boat Society Inc. which has a different logo for each of its 50 chapters nationwide. Check out their web-store here. With the convenience of the web-link store, people can now truly customize their order.

Benefits of web-store partnerships include:

  • The customer will be able to buy products from the convenience of home without having to drive to Tip Tops.
  • The organization gets this service free of charge.
  • The organization is happy because all of the design and apparel products are approved and consistent with their style book.
  • Department heads have one less thing to worry about.
  • Change is easy. If an organization decides to change, add, or delete logos or products, it’s a simple phone call.
  • Brand loyalty is enhanced and our relationship with our customers becomes tighter.

As your resource for custom embroidery projects, we are proud to announce our new customer tool and look forward to it bringing our customers much success.


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