Host a T-shirt Design Contest

If you’re considering ordering tees for your business or organization, we’ve got two great ways to make sure your tees rock. We ensure the highest quality and most comfortable wear, so all you’ve got to think about is aesthetic appeal.

Your first option is to have Tiptops do the custom design and artwork. If you can dream it, we can produce it. We’ll listen to your concepts and build something beautiful. Another option, though, is to host your own t-shirt design contest. A contest is a great way to drum up some buzz about your business or build excitement within your organization. Set some design parameters (no copyrighted material, for example), choose a submission deadline date, and be clear about the voting/judging process. And most importantly–think of prizes! Surely you’ll want to provide the artist with a free shirt. We’re happy to put your design to press.

So if you have an idea about new Florida custom screenprinting shirts, use our artists or host a creative contest. You’ll likely end up with a better design than you could have imagined!


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