Order Customized Shirts For All Types Of Events

TipTops in Eustis, Florida offers you the ability to design our own t-shirt! If you can think of the design you want, then we can use Screen Printing or Embroidery to make your ideas come alive. Why would you want to spend the time customizing your own t-shirt?

There are many reasons for you to design your own t-shirts, whether it’s for a special event like a bachelorette party or even a company’s softball team. When you are looking for a cohesive look that is unique and shows off your personality, then we are here to help create that for you. When you are heading out for a bachelorette party, many groups want a t-shirt, pin, or sash that shows you are all with the bride! Of course you can go to retail stores and pick out a generic, “I’m with the bride!” shirt. But what fun is that? Would you ever wear it again? Probably not, so why not spend your money on a fun, festive shirt that is personalized to the bride and her group that you will definitely wear again.

These customized shirts are great for a work-related sports team, a field trip for school and you want the children in matching t-shirts so they are easy to keep track of, for a sorority or fraternity event, or for any other reason you could possibly imagine! TipTops offers you great quality at an affordable price and if you can think of it, we can do it! If you are looking for Screen Printing in Lake County, Florida then please give us a call today and see how we can assist you.


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