Corporate Trick or Treat? Give Promo Items!

Is your business participating in a corporate trick or treat event? Sponsoring an event at the mall? Parking it at a church trunk-and-treat? TipTops reminds you to give a promo item with that candy!

No, those kids may not want a logo pen with their goodies, but we all know parents sneak a bite or two from the loot. That’s your opportunity to get your business name in their hands! Passing out your promo item is a great way to remind parents about your community involvement, which is sure to score you some bonus points when it’s time for them to buy.

Company logo shopping bags, pens, labels on candies, and notepads are excellent goodies to add to any holiday giveaway. They will spreadĀ  your message to new potential customers with a personal touch!

If you’re going to be out in the community giving back, be sure you’ve talked with us at TipTops about your Florida screen printing and your Florida promotional products. We’ll equip you to be a brand ambassador while you’re out celebrating with the kids!


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