T-shirts and Digital Security?

Tiptops is your Florida screenprinting resource for any reason you might want tees: office wear, fundraisers, or uniforms. Occasionally, we hear about strange t-shirt related news and today we want to share how tees are combating powerful facial recognition software.

It all leads back to Facebook’s facial recognition software that powers your ability to tag friends quickly and easily. If you’re not keen on the mammoth company mining your visual data for marketing purposes, you can complain to them about the security changes, you can change your profile picture to something non-human, or–and this is where it gets weird–you can employ the power of the tee. In an effort to trick Facebook’s facial recognition technology, a grad student developed a tee with the distorted faces of celebrities. Wear one of these tees in your photos and you’re nearly unrecognizable to Facebook’s algorithms.

If you’re a little less paranoid about data collection and facial recognition, we recommend an alternate approach: focus on wowing your friends with fresh new Tiptops designed threads and forget about facial recognition software for now.


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