The History Behind Tip Tops

If you are looking for a company that is passionate about providing quality screen-printed or embroidered t-shirts, look no further than Tip Tops. Like a lot of businesses, Tip Tops began with only a dream and a garage and is proudly family owned and operated since 1982.

Jim and his wife Marilyn started Tip Tops out of their garage in 1982. Marilyn was a sales representative for Tip Tops by day and a waitress by night. Jim would work on artwork during the day and would print t-shirts at night. Though they did not make any profit in the first three years of operation they continued chasing the dream. In 1986 they hired their first employee and they’ve continued growing ever since. Tip Tops now occupies a 10,000 square foot facility in Eustis, Florida.

What sets Tip Tops apart from the rest is their perseverance and dedication to quality. Tip Tops is proud to be your resource for screen-printing and embroidery in Florida, and they look forward to providing you with the very best quality in both products and services.


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