Time to order Valentine promo items!

Yes, we did just wrap up the holidays but another one is upon us–Valentine’s Day! Before we wrap up January, call us to order your Orlando promotional items. Here’s a list of how you can use promo items to rally interest in your business for Valentine’s Day:

  • Valentine’s candy and trinkets make great donations to elementary school classrooms. Those kids then travel home with your business name in-hand!
  • Send out a company Valentine to your clients and customers–be sure to wear your TipTops shirts in the photo!
  • Have a drawing or contest for your company’s main “sweetheart”–and give them a t-shirt as a token of your love!
  • Gift your employees with new company t-shirts or jackets as a token of your love and appreciation. Everybody loves new clothes!

However you decide to love on your customers this Valentine’s Day, call us now to order your Florida screenprinting and promotional items. Happy early Valentine’s Day!


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