Tip Tops Thanks You!

At Tip Tops, we can’t help but take the opportunity to reflect on what an amazing journey we’ve been on as a business. And we know it’s because of you, our friends, fans, and customers that we’ve been successful. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

In 1982, we began designing and selling t-shirts by day, printing and holding a waitressing job by night. The whole operation was headquarted in our garage. We didn’t make a dime for three years, but we never gave up and we knew we were on a mission. We’ve grown exponentially since then, but we never forget where we started.

We have a passion for high quality design and screenprinting. We never compromise quality and that’s how we’ve grown to become Orlando’s screen printing resource. We know there’s more growth to come, and it’s all because of you! Thank you for helping us grow, and we look forward to working on your designs for years to come!


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