Which Ink Technique Is Best For You?

When you need Florida screen printing done, you may not be aware that there are many techniques for you to choose from depending on your desire outcome. There are four techniques for you to choose from when you order from Tip Tops: plastisol, water-based inks, discharge, and specialty treatments. While plastisol is our most widely used screen printing ink, if you are going for a specific look and feel you may consider the other techniques.

Plastisol uses a plastic, oil-based screen printing ink and if you want your design to have bright, vibrant colors that will survive countless cycles through the washing machine, then this is the option for you. Water-base Screen Printing uses an environmentally friendly water-based formula to make the pigment. They have recently become very popular because of the distressed, worn look that is easy to achieve with water-based inks.

Discharge Screen Printing is a really fun technique that uses a bleach agent to remove the dye out of the garment instead of adding ink to create a design. For example, a black shirt can be discharged to the design so that it would appear white. Because there isn’t any ink applied to the shirt, you can’t feel the design! We also offer Specialty Treatments in addition to screen printing, which can make your garment even more exclusive. Transform your t-shirt into a one-of-a-kind must-have by adding rhinestones, glitter, foil, even glow in the dark and scratch and sniff!

Get creative when you are looking for screen printing in Florida and come on by Tip Tops to see how we can help you design the best t-shirt possible for you.


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